Our Approach

our approach

Public relations helps an organization and its publics 
adapt mutually to each other. Public Relations broadly applies to organizations as a collective group, not just a business; and publics encompass the variety of different stakeholders.

– Public Relations Society of America

With years of experience in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, the YOakleyPR team understands the hardships of operating a business with limited resources. Our service packages are designed to help your organization create measurable goals, implement strategies that will enable you to reach key audiences, and support your nonprofit organization’s goals and initiatives.

We work independently or by supporting your internal departments in the planning and implementation of public relations and online marketing strategies that best suit your business, its constituents, partners, and donors. When you choose YOakleyPR, you get honesty, dedication, and quality creative services at a fair price. Give your organization the boost it needs by adding public relations to your communications plan and start engaging your consumers differently.

Our Approach

YOakleyPR uses a three-stage process for its integrated marketing campaigns. The first stage is planning. The culmination of the planning stage is the delivery of a campaign strategy that outlines key campaign messages, objectives, potential strategies, and desired outcomes. This plan will serve as a reference for deliverables and will be used to measure success throughout the campaign period.

The planning stage also includes project management which is an internal process where the YOakleyPR team breaks down the project into work flows, designates the responsibility of work to in-house staff, and determines the deliverables that will be required of the client.

The second stage of the project is development. The development stage includes content writing, drafting marketing materials, and creating assets to support your integrated marketing campaign. These items, outlined during the planning stage, will be designed with attention to the client’s key messages, stakeholders, and media outlets that support the client’s goals. Based on feedback and discussion with the Client, the concept will be refined to include concepts and multimedia content that will engage target audiences on multiple platforms.

By setting objectives and creating a plan that identifies long-term goals, YOakleyPR can help clients build relationships with influencers that can increase online engagement, build social communities, and earn media placements on the local, regional, and national levels while respecting budget limitations and deadlines. This stage is crucial to campaign success and feedback is always welcome.

The third stage of the process is execution. This stage will focus on media outreach and content distribution that will increase awareness (directly and indirectly). Our team offers a variety of virtual support services, including: public relations writing, access to US wire distribution services, blogging, email marketing, social media account management, online content distribution, online content writing, website management using WordPress CMS, as well as support identifying media opportunities for interviews and media placements.

Know What You’re Interested In?

If you would like to discuss ways to improve integrated marketing for or if you already know what type of public relations, social media, or online marketing services you would like to implement, please call Yasheaka Oakley at (215) 450-6059 to discuss a public relations strategy for your nonprofit organization.