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Congratulations to Donna Cutting, CSP, for this successful placement in National Oil & Lube News—a magazine that caters to the quick oil change and fast fit sectors in the United States. This review of her book, The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service (Wiley, 2008) (which is available on Amazon) will be made available in-print to more than 25,500 owner/operators and online via the National Oil & Lube News website.

A Wise Investment: Making the Time to Read

by Kara Bishop – May 2013

“The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service” by Donna Cutting

donna cutting celebrity experienceDonna Cutting is the president and CEO of Red-Carpet Learning Systems, a consulting firm that provides tools and training about how to engage employees in improving the customer experience. In her book, she combines the best practices of Hollywood with those of the business world, providing simple and effective ways to achieve the following:

  • Make red-carpet first impressions on new customers.
  • Give them what they want, and earn customers for life.
  • Generate buzz and positive word of mouth.
  • Improve customer service performance by putting employees first.
  • Treat customers as stars and wow them, creating repeat business and referrals.

“The book is an easy and fun read,” Cutting said. “Yes, it has a ‘celebrity’ slant, however, the meat of the book is in the stories of real-world companies providing their non-famous customers with star treatment!”

An interesting excerpt from the book talks about a customer’s experience at Wilsey Auto Service, Inc. The customer told Cutting that this auto shop goes through the extra step of cleaning her car inside and out every time she brings her car in for service. If they’re pressed for time and can’t clean her car, they give her coupons for a full-service carwash and detail. It stood out for this customer, because no other auto shop had ever offered her such service. She never goes anywhere else and is always telling her friends about the experience.

Cutting uses the story above to help expound on her “And then some” concept: giving the customer extra value to their service by spending a little more time and effort on the customer, thus, earning their loyalty.

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Life is busy and full of obstacles and stress. However, making the time to read and further your learning is a valuable investment that will pay off. It may seem like a daunting task to open a book, but what if you learned something that increased your efficiency, therein, making you less busy? We all know there’s value in that, so make some time to squeeze some reading in, knowing that you’re wisely investing that time.

The full article is available online and in the May 2013 issue of National Oil & Lube News. If you’d like to read Kara Bishop’s other business book suggestions, please click here.

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