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curt's CafeCurt’s Café is a nonprofit organization that provides training, in food service and life skills, for at-risk youth in Evanston, Illinois. Students at Curt’s learn valuable, employable skills; they’re tutored in subjects ranging from computer literacy to job readiness to food history; and they are mentored by food service professionals and other caring adults.

Curt’s student-trainees are all from Evanston, IL and range in age from 15 to 22. They’re all considered “at risk,” meaning they have either already had contact with the judicial system or had been headed in that direction. They’re determined now to build a positive future for themselves, their families and their community. For these young people, being able to get and hold a job will contribute immeasurably toward their success.
Our program at Curt’s is unique and much needed.

Formerly incarcerated or proven-risk youth have limited options and few resources available to them. Even a short period of confinement dramatically affects a young person’s ability to thrive outside incarceration. They have little hope of securing employment, even for entry level positions. Many end up living on the streets and return to destructive habits. They cycle through the courts and 82% of those released are being sent back through the system within a year.

In 2016, the YOakleyPR team consulted with Curt’s Cafe President Susan Trieschmann regarding a social media strategy for Curt’s Cafe North and the new Curt’s Cafe South location. The Fall 2016 Virtual Internship Program team planned and developed a social media plan focusing on the nonprofit’s Facebook pages for Q2FY2016, in order to increase awareness, generate more foot traffic, and support year-end donations.

For more information, please email General Manager Latasha Triplett or visit Curt’s Cafe on their official website.

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