Celebrity PR Highlight: Jessica Simpson

With a name that is already associated with titles like pop singer, reality TV star, fashion mogul, and philanthropist, Jessica Simpson is by no means a low-ranking celebrity.

Ever since her rise to fame in 1999, this wholesome southern girl has played her public relations hand well and her career has prospered because of it.

She may be famous for asking if Chicken of the Sea was chicken or tuna, but Simpson’s strategic decisions to release her 3rd album in conjunction with “The Newlyweds” reality TV series, obtain cover placements on both Elle and People magazines during her pregnancy, and sign a contract with Weight Watchers International to track her baby weight loss, are nothing to scoff at.

Simpson knows how to use social media to get fans talking and (unlike some celebrities whose pregnancies are still up for scrutiny) is happy to make public appearances and statements about how her journey to motherhood has been since Day 1 with posts and photos for her 5,321,993 Twitter and 735,997 Facebook followers or charming interviews on Jay Leno or Jimmy Kimmel.

Currently weighing 180 lbs, Simpson delivered her daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, 2012 and is set to lose 50 lbs in 5 months using the Weight Watchers healthy lifestyle.

According to CNN Money, Weight Watchers International’s stock fell 25 percent in May after a disappointing first-quarter and “a shot of celebrity glitz from a social media maven” like Simpson could surely improve its outlook as it has in the past with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson.

If Jessica Simpson successfully loses 50 pounds, Weight Watchers will have a lot to work with for her campaign!

  1. Simpson admits she is a “yo-yo dieter” and anyone who has
    followed her career can attest that her figure has been quite the hot topic from Daisy Dukes to “mom jeans.” She’ll make a valuable role model to women who have chronic
    weight gain and loss.
  2. She’s already promoting her WW participation online with personal wall posts on Facebook that invite her followers to “join me and share our experiences!”
  3. A simple search engine search will promptly produce over 1,680,000 articles, blogs, and more discussing “Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers.”
  4. It’s also no secret that “a source close to the couple” told People Magazine that Simpson and her fiancĂ©, Eric Johnson, have pushed back their wedding date for sometime after their daughter’s birth.

Wouldn’t it work in both Weight Watchers’ and Simpson’s favor if she announced to her 6,057,990 loyal followers that she’s anticipating showing off her new post-baby Weight Watcher shape with a winter wedding?

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