Celebrity PR Highlight: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released “Red,” her fourth studio album, on October 22, 2012 and sold 1.2 million copies in the first week. According to NPR, that’s the highest first-week sales total in a decade.

Swift’s public relations team should receive an award for the work they have done this past year in promoting the “Red” album. From major media interviews to subtle things like having her wear red events, they have surely done an A+ job keeping Swift’s name on television, in print media, and buzzing on social networks this year.

On the day her album released in stores, Taylor Swift was being featured as a two-day guest on Good Morning America. GMA is arguably one of the most-watched morning shows in the United States and, according to them, this is the first time a guest has stayed on the show for two whole days to promote a new release. Perez Hilton applauded the mini-concert that accompanied the news show as an enthusiastic and lively preview for the album. I tip my hat to her PR team’s ability to insert a red microphone, and highlight some of her more devoted fans—like the young lady who manually bedazzled a heart (front and back) just to grab her attention. Kudos to her and the fact that they featured her out of the entire crowd twice. That’s a dedicated fan.

If you visit her on the Official Taylor Swift YouTube channel, you would find 11 one-minute previews of songs off the “Red” album, but it takes a sharp eye to notice that none of the previews are from the singles that are already dominating the airwaves. If fans want to hear more of the album, the option to download the track or complete album on iTunes is available, but a teaser is all you’ll get unless you’re looking for one of the official music videos they released previously or the RED Tour Announcement that has already received over 262,000 views.

Taylor Swift Glamour CoverSwift also graced the cover of the November issue of Glamour magazine prior to the album release. Again, you see small inserts of red that aren’t overpowering, but suggestive of the album.

It seems like almost everyone on her team has signed a “Red album credo” that says, “Everything must include RED!” The LA Times said that Taylor Swift has “raised the bar with her savvy ‘Red’ marketing campaign” and suggests that her team’s marketing blitz from retail stores to restaurants has made and kept sales successful.

Did you know that you could get a copy of the “Red” album at Papa John’s if you bought a large pizza? You get a large, a pizza box that features Taylor Swift on the cover and a copy of her latest album all for $22?! You can also find a deluxe version of the album which features not 16, but 22 tracks available at Target (a dash of red again!) for just $16.99!

My favorite track off the “Red” album is “I Knew You Were Trouble” because I value Taylor Swift’s ability to admit that it isn’t always the boy that should be flailed for breaking her heart, but that young ladies should be able to admit they knew he was a bad boy the moment they met him. Feel free to check it out below.

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