7 Steps To Grow Your Social Media Presence

On July 11, I participated in a webinar entitled, “7 Steps to Grow Your Social Programs” that was sponsored by Awareness and hosted by the American Marketing Association as part of an ongoing free webinar series.

The presenters included Jordan Slabaugh, Director of Social Media at Spredfast; Patti Shea, Social Communications & Strategy Manager at AARP; and Michael Bepko, Global Online Community Manager at Whole Foods. Participants were encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag #7steps and I tweeted plenty of notes, so feel free to do a Twitter search for more information.

In their SlideShare presentation discussing the 7 Steps to Grow Your Social Programs, the Spredfast team also shared some easy suggestions that can help get your company’s social media presence organized, integrated, and working in your favor.

  1. Gain Insight About Social Customers: To be successful, you have to know who your customers are and what they care about. What do they want to hear? What resonates with them? Keep an eye on engagement signals that show interest (i.e. Likes, shares, retweets, etc.).
  2. Adopt Social Media Throughout the Company: Identify and organize your social media team activities, goals, and responsibilities. No company can expect stellar SMM results without direction. Establish policies and train teams on social etiquette and tactics.
  3. Clarify Social Media Processes: Assess your organization to figure out what platforms and departments make the most sense for your company. “Every employee doesn’t need access to every account” and every platform isn’t appropriate for your business.
  4. Get the Most out of Great Content: Take some time to plan and adjust your content as needs arise. An old blog post on a topic that’s trending is still relevant! Repurpose existing content and drive traffic.
  5. Deliver Better Customer Experiences: Customers want to be heard! Encourage engagement by asking questions that leave room for responses and offering incentives that make customers want to engage your brand.
  6. Integrate your Channels: Link, embed, and share your social activity across your social platforms. Consider integrating news, upcoming events, and giveaways on your website, in outgoing documents, and email marketing campaigns as well as on your social accounts.
  7. Quantify Social Media Impact: Identify how social media is impacting your conversion, lead generation, brand awareness, etc. Keep in mind that Facebook Insights and Google Analytics are only useful if you utilize them to better your engagement processes.

Yasheaka Oakley Owens

Yasheaka Oakley Owens is the owner of YOakleyPR, a woman-owned small business that provides public relations, social media, and online marketing support services to small businesses and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware.

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