4 Tips to Get Your Blog Rolling [VIDEO]

A list of tips on how communication professionals can get a blog rolling was recently shared via PRWeb’s The Connection.

Are you a public relations or marketing professional looking to enter the blog zone by starting a personal blog?

Or are you working for a company that thinks a blog should be added to its marketing communications plan but is unsure of where to get started?

The Connection summarized the top four elements professionals should consider before attempting to enter the blog zone into easy and simple suggestions that can be implemented into any blog plan.

Feel free to check out PRWeb‘s four tips to “Get Your Blog Rolling” and watch The Magnet Minute‘s video for corporate blogging suggestions.

If you find any of these suggestions useful, leave a comment below so other young professionals can use them in their marketing strategies as well.

4 Tips to Get Your Blog Rolling from PRWeb

  1. Get Personal : When it comes down to deciding between similar businesses, potential customers will often go with the company they can relate to.  Share content that your audience will respond to, discuss issues that are relevant to your clients or industry.
  2. Write About What You Know : An engaged writer makes for an engaged reader, so make sure you’re writing about something that interests you, and tie it in to your business.  If you’re interested in the topic, odds are there are readers that are interested in it as well. It will also be easier for you to sound natural and less like a sales pitch if it’s something that you care about.
  3. Be Brave: Writing about what customers want to know about is a sure-fire way to keep them engaged. Blogging about difficult issues and controversies within your industry attracts customers, and keeps them coming back to you as a resource. If you’re brave enough to cover a scandal that other professionals are closedmouthed about, how would you operate as a consultant?
  4. Be Trendy : Blogging provides an excellent vehicle for discussing news trends that may not directly relate to your business, while engaging with potential customers about a topic that has piqued their interest. Keep abreast of the latest breaking news and position your brand as a thought leader that can build trust with customers.

A key point to remember is that even though blogs are a great tool to engage customers and like-minded individuals in discussions, release announcements, and even humanize a brand, readers will question your purpose for sharing  information. As a communications professional you should understand that a blog can be used to establish a reputation as a thought leader, but you should definitely enter the blog zone with a plan in mind.

For those that are unaware, The Connection, is a weekly email from PRWeb and Vocus, a cloud-based marketing and public relations software company in Beltsville, MD. You can easily subscribe to their mailing list by creating a free PRWeb account or you can subscribe to the PRWeb blog. For more useful tips on blogging, social media and integrated marketing, feel free to visit the Vocus blog.

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