Interview: Social Marketology with Ric Dragon

ric dragonRic Dragon has extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and online marketing. A speaker, writer, and search marketing strategist, Ric is CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch as well as the author of The DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual and Social Marketology.

On July 19, I participated in a webinar and “multilogue” via Twitter on the topic of social marketology and what successful processes one should implement into their social media strategy to optimize results. As the field of social media marketing grows, opportunities for a new age of professionals in the areas of community relations, community management, social media analysis, and social media marketing are rising in popularity on the corporate level.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the social media marketing arena, here are a few suggestions from a seasoned professional on how to become an influencer in your B2C community.

Interview with Ric Dragon

  1. Micro-segment Your Community: Use the same keyword research you use to create SEO strategies to help you identify what communities, a.k.a. untapped target audiences, you are missing with your current social media strategy. Ask yourself, “Who should give a sh*t about this?” and let the brainstorming begin!
  2. Figure Out How You’ll Engage: Part of the challenge of engaging your communities is identifying how to do it, but the key is to remember that where the people go…you should follow. Dragon says, “If my communities are all hanging out on Pinterest, that’s where I’ll be. B2C usually needs a strong presence on FB.”
  3. Distribute Your Efforts Across Social Media: You may think that the most important thing to do right now is to grow an audience on Facebook, but you should actually create a distribution plan that not only strategically plans your posts, but how much time you will devote to each platform. Ric suggests that you, “Blog first. Get that strong” and then divide your cross-media efforts into whatever segments work best for your communities. Perhaps blogging 14% of the time, engaging on Facebook 60%, Twitter 10% and putting aside 10% of your time for other platforms?
  4. The 4 Elements of Social Media Marketing are…“creating profiles with a brand voice and presence; cultivate connections through Likes, Followers, Circles, etc.; create compelling content; and engage your communities in conversations.”

BONUS: Check out Ric Dragon’s “Social Marketology Pyramid” to get a better understanding of communities and the relationships B2C companies build on social media platforms.

EXTRA POINTS: To download a free preview of Chapter One of Social Marketology: Process in Social Media Marketing (courtesy of Awareness, Inc.) please click here. To purchase the full Social Marketology book, please click here.

To read more of Ric’s work, please visit his page here.

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