Using Social Media and Blogging to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Engagement Levels

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While there are a variety of ways to reach your audience over the Internet, blogging is one of the most underestimated means of gaining, engaging, and inspiring new and old audiences alike. At first, blogging may seem intimidating and even challenging, but as time goes on and loyalty from your audience grows, this interaction with potential members and donors can be extremely beneficial to your nonprofit organization.

Like every strategy implemented to enhance and grow your nonprofit organization, a blog will require attention and time. It is important to remember that your blog will be as good as you want it to be so the more effort that is put into cultivating a fantastic post, the more likely readers are to come back.

According to Hubspot‘s State of Inbound 2015 report, in every region of the world, most marketers spend 1-2 hours writing a 500-word blog post. Not sure what a 500-word post looks like? You’re reading one. Take into consideration your desired blog frequency, planning and approval process, and your team could essentially spend 12 hours per month (or more) working on the nonprofit blog.

One of the best benefits that comes from having an active blog is the search engine optimization (SEO). Having an updated blog that covers a wide variety of topics can lead to increased visitor traffic—which can mean more potential donations and new members!

According to an article published on Search Engine Watch by Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief at ClickZ Global, here are some of the key elements writers and editors need to know about SEO.

  • Headlines written for the web, unlike those for print, should be alluring and descriptive.
  • Have a target list of keywords and phrases which relate to the central themes of the sites, and also that tie in with the products we offer – events, webinars and research.
  • You should link to outside sources, when referencing a quote a piece of research, or perhaps talking about a product or website.

Blogs can help establish the tone of your organization and the story behind it. They allow you and your organization to connect with viewers of your content on a different level and can often lead to a reader sharing your content through various social media outlets as a form of free advertising. The share-ability aspect of blogging is a valuable one that should not be overlooked when trying to grow your audience.

Blogs are a way to show that your nonprofit is effective and that the members already involved are passionate about their cause. Passion after all is what drives many nonprofits and blogs allow a platform for thoughtfulness.  Blogs show a more personal aspect that tends to lack in social media as well as provide a place for discussion and to show the impact that your organization has on its particular issue.

If even after all of the benefits listed above, if the time commitment and worry about potential abandonment of the blog still makes you uneasy, thinking of a blog as less of a burden and more of a commitment to increasing over all Internet presence might get you to feel differently. Although blogging can be time consuming, it encourages and fosters effective time management skills. It keeps your organization focused on its content marketing strategy and can help you stay ahead of the competition. Blogging allows your organization to begin thinking about what is trending in your local area or industry and allow you to stay on top of what potential readers, members and donors care about.

Still haven’t convinced you to give blogging a try?  Check out this webinar from Bloomerang sharing tips for nonprofit organizations interested in blogging!

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Image via Echo Stories and HubSpot