Volunteer-Friendly Summer Activities for Nonprofits

Summer is right around the corner and that means people are looking for ways to give back. Summer is the perfect time to volunteer as a family and provides a wealth of growth opportunities for organizations. From starting reading programs to feeding the hungry there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for anyone.

1) Read All About it

Nothing says summer like building a reading program. Studies have shown that having months off for rest may seem beneficial and much needed for students, but long breaks can actually result in a loss of knowledge.

Volunteer at a local library or school and help children learn to read. This really is the gift that keeps on giving since you get to enhance someone’s life firsthand. Consider doing an entire series on great love stories or poems or have students write their own plays and perform it for their families or community members. Not only are you giving back directly, you are also channeling the creatively of others. How’s that for retaining and sharing information?

2) Cut it Out

summer community garden nonprofitSummer is a great time to host or be a part of a community wide cleanup. Volunteer to help spruce up a neighbor’s yard (with permission of course) by repotting soil or cutting the grass.

This helps keep the neighborhood beautiful and while giving back. If cutting, trimming and mowing is not your thing; consider hosting a beach cleanup. Beaches are a fun place to people watch but because of the summer influx they aren’t always clean.

What are the benefits of cleaning a beach you may ask? It provides a safe environment by removing glass or other sharp objects out of the sand. It also protects marine life. Many animals have mistaken cigarettes, plastic and paper for food and there have been times when animals have been caught in nets and strangled by trash left behind.

Lastly, beaches provide tourism for the economy. Visit any beach and you are likely to find bikes, cold treats and even restaurants, all which contribute to the economy. By keeping the beach clean you are helping attract others to the area.

3) Eat Up

While summer brings thoughts of parties, laughter and the beach, it is also a time when many children go hungry. You and your family or friends can partner with a local food bank or church and serve food to those in need. This is a great way for the community to come together and proactively help fill the tummies of the communities’ most venerable population. Many cities offer food programs though apartment complexes, worship centers, schools and nonprofits. Meals are served twice daily and most organizations need a ton of support cooking, cleaning, boxing and distributing meals.

4) Baby sit

summer program volunteerDon’t dread the word just yet! Many parents aren’t able to take off from work when summer arrives and are in need or affordable and trust worthy help. Volunteer at a local daycare or day camp and help children thrive in their environment.

You can help assist with outdoor activities such as relay races or help a child learn to swim. When children are at play, extra eyes are needed leaving plenty for you to do.

There you have it, four ways to get involved in the community during the summer months. I hope you find a summer volunteer program that will help you give back to your community as an individual or as a business.

Vannessa Wade

Vannessa Wade is the founder and CEO of Connect The Dots PR in Houston, Texas. An alumna of the University of Houston, Wade specializes in public relations and community development programming for nonprofit organizations and corporate businesses and has been featured in numerous newspaper, television and radio segments.

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