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It’s a new year and you probably have your list of resolutions.  Anything from ‘read more’ to ‘get more sleep’ to ‘clean out your house’ may top that list of goals that you have for this new year and the new you, but what about ways that you can revamp your marketing strategy? There is no better time to reevaluate what you are doing through your strategy than now. Why focus on a marketing plan?
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The Basics: The Core Essentials of your Marketing Strategy

Before we can look at what to do with your marketing strategy to ensure 2016 is a year of growth and audience engagement, let’s take a look at your specific plan.  Does it cover the “12 Things Every Marketing Plan Should Consider” as noted by Open Forum?  A few of the necessities that the article lists include keeping in mind your consumer, using the right type of communication to be effective and staying up to trend.  Though based on your specific goal or current strategy some of these components may prove more important than others, each of them are worth considering in order to ensure that your marketing strategy has a strong foundation.

Out with the Old: Removing Barriers to Success

Before you can move forward with improving your marketing plan and increase its effectiveness, it is important to be aware of what you are currently doing wrong.  Silver Bullet Group lists nine key problems that are often made that prevent successfully fixing your current marketing strategies.  Of the nine, everything is covered from inefficient use of resources and tools to not creating a fully persuasive message.  Whatever your current hindrance is, the group covers it.  You need to fix a problem before you can improve, so take a good and honest look at your strategy and its weaknesses in order to make it even stronger.

In with the new: Expand your platforms

When something does work, we generally like to keep doing that same thing.  Sometimes, however, we need to branch out in order to make the most of new trends and platforms, though they may seem unconventional and unrelated to our mission.  One platform that you may want to start investing in in order to increase your power and influence is one that you probably already use: YouTube.  According to, the platform is a “critical marketing tool for practically any company in any industry.”

Although it’s not a new platform, YouTube is one of the most far reaching tools any individual has at their disposal.  Thus, it would be a missed opportunity to not take part.  “3 Reasons Why You Should be Marketing on YouTube and Periscope” goes on to explain that YouTube actually tends to be “more engaging than” other platforms.  Since one of the key features of an efficient marketing strategy is engagement, shouldn’t you get one board?

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Maintaining the good: Keeping the audience in mind

With all the thought of improving and evolving your plan, don’t forget about what is (or should be) at the heart of your strategy: your audience.  Without the audience, there would be no need for marketing in the first place; thus, it would be a mistake to focus on strategy without focusing on those that are directly impacted by it. lists 4 different techniques to meet your customers and audience where they are: on social media.  In addition to making waves on YouTube, improving your performance on other social media sites is a must.

“The 4 Easiest Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing” includes important tasks ranging from gaining a better understanding of the audience to being open to collaborating with them in order to engage and keep them interested.  With justification of why each step works, as well as applications and social media sites that will help you implement each tip, your social networking plan could use this set of helpful hints.

Whether you are satisfied with your marketing plan or hoping that your organization will see far more publicity in the New Year, there are numerous ways that you can improve.  Regardless of whether you need to shift your plan so it includes an overlooked basic or hope to take it to the next level of success and join new social networking platforms, let 2016 be the year your marketing strategy leads to even greater success.

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