Reasons Why Your Art Organization Needs to Use Online Marketing

online marketing monaArt organizations could greatly increase their abilities to engage their audiences (and even reach people who may have not known they existed) by using online marketing tactics. Think about it.  Traditionally, art organizations rely on patrons for their success.  So, without an audience, they would not be to continue to support their missions.

One major struggle for the arts is the competition, especially in major cities. According to, there are more than 900 art organizations in the City of Philadelphia alone, not including the hundreds of other arts organizations in the surrounding area.

They cannot simply rely on “word of mouth” or even print marketing to drive more visitors to their exhibits or gallery shows. If you are one of these organizations in the city, how can you stand out and above the competition to succeed?

If your organization could adopt online marketing tactics, it could increase awareness of its mission, programs and services while working to expand its audience by engaging them on multiple platforms. Such as its website, social media channels and even email marketing.

Support and Enhance Fundraising Efforts

The next step that comes hand in hand with new patrons for the success of the arts is fundraising efforts. The arts need to fundraise in order for their organization to survive, and to continue to spread their mission to increase awareness of the arts. A key factor in which the arts fundraise is through ticket sales, whether it be to a theatre showing, art gallery, or even just a happy hour.

These ticket sales become a pillar in the success for the arts, and they can not just rely on the ticket sales they make at the actual event. With the use of online marketing it would allow these organizations to have pre-sales for the event and could estimate how successful each event would be before they even occurred. One software that could solve all of these problems would be ThunderTix—a software designed to help nonprofits with online ticket sales and donations. Also they believe that nonprofits should keep every cent that is raised online, so there is no fear in losing a percentage of the donations raised.

According to Pew Research, 72 percent of arts organizations already sell tickets online. If your art organization is in the other 28 percent then you have already taken the steps towards failure and the death of your organization. It has become a clear image that in order for the arts to drive ticket sales and increase donations they need to be involved with online marketing.

Engage Your Audience with Online Marketing

After increasing awareness for the arts organization and have driven ticket sales, the next step would be to engage the audience to keep them interested in the arts and continuing to come back. One of the most successful and obvious ways is through social media. The use of social media is a fun and easy way to engage your audience; it would allow the arts to display images and video of what they are involved with and attract their audience to return to their next event.

It also allows the arts to speak directly with their audience by informing them of new events, their mission statement, and just keeping the audience interested in the arts with attractive posts. Social media has become a key factor with engaging your audience, especially since Global Web Index has explained that people spend 1.72 hours a day on social media.

For organizations that may be worried they are not reaching their targeted age bracket with social media, Social Media Today and NP Engage have an interesting response “the fastest growing segment of social media users are ages 45-55, meaning it is no longer just for the younger generation. Social media is a viable tool for engaging your mature constituents who often have deeper pockets.”

Online marketing has become a cornerstone for the success of organizations, and the arts need to understand and recognize this as a key factor for their own use. With the arts playing such an important role in today’s society they need to use online marketing to continue their mission and thrive as an organization.

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