Three Reasons Why Nonprofit Marketing Is Different

Nonprofit Marketing

A nonprofit marketing team demonstrating how important support is.

In the world of nonprofit organizations, marketing must be seen and approached differently than a normal business or company would approach their marketing needs.  Effective nonprofit marketing should motivate people to donate, take action, and spread the word about their cause.

These days, in order to save money, it’s common for most charitable institutions to try and market themselves.  However, marketing is an effective tool in raising funds that are critical to the organization and their programs.  With that said, understanding the differences of marketing a nonprofit is crucial for its success.

Developing Relationships

Developing positive and active relationships is a crucial step when marketing a nonprofit.  In order to secure financial support and advance their mission, nonprofit organizations need to create a transaction between the donor and the institution that is based on intangibles such as faith and trust.  Positive relationships can be sustained through e-mails, phone calls, or hand written letters from the organization to the donors or volunteers.  Keeping these people in the loop and letting them know their donations are not going to waste is important when developing and continuing positive relationships with current and potential donors.

Telling a Story

Storytelling is great for fundraising and creating awareness towards a cause.  People are more likely to donate or help an organization they can relate to, or even one they feel emotion towards.  An organization’s unique back story could be the defining moment of someone deciding to help an organization.

While for profit companies focus their marketing strategies on attempting to exchange goods and services for money with consumers, nonprofits need to market their cause and their mission.   Telling a story will help donors and volunteers know that their contributing to a good cause and donating can help to sustain their personal values.  Along with creating an informative social media page about the organization, creating videos about the nonprofit can also help to express the background story as well.

Creating an Impact

As stated before, a normal for-profit business markets their goods and services in hopes of exchanging them for money.  If the customer is satisfied with the product or service, there is a good chance they’ll return for more business.  But how do nonprofits convince their donors and volunteers to continue their contributions?  They need to show them the positive impact their donations have made on the organization and its cause.  Blogs, e-mails, newsletters, and updating the organizations social media pages are great ways to let donors know how the organization is doing and its recent accomplishments.

There is a clear difference between normal marketing strategies, and marketing strategies for nonprofits.  In order to effectively market a nonprofit organization, it’s extremely important to create positive relationships with donors and potential donors.  Informing these people of the organizations back story along with the positive impact their donations have made is crucial in earning and keeping their trust.  Approaching nonprofit marketing can be tricky, but can lead to great success.

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