YOakleyPR Intern Spotlight: Devan Ciccarelli

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Devan CiccarelliIn this intern update, we introduce you to Devan Ciccarelli, who previously interned with YOakleyPR as an Online Marketing Intern from August 2013 to January 2014. As a millennial, Devan knows firsthand some of the challenges one faces in his or her early 20s and 30s. Since completing her internship with us, Devan has become a Google AdWords Certified Professional and launched her own woman-owned small business, The Millennial Difference in Jupiter, Florida. She has proven herself to be a very talented and capable young professional, so we are proud to highlight her developments following her departure from YOakleyPR.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Florida State University.

What is the name of your company?

The Millennial Difference.

What is your current job title?

Freelance writer and SEO specialist.

Can you provide a brief description of your job?

Right now I work for myself and own a freelance writing business. I have one other (sometimes two) contractor(s) that I manage and we work as a remote team. I love to focus on content marketing, but I also offer SEO and AdWords services too.

How did your YOakleyPR internship help your career?

My internship helped me land two interviews with local marketing agencies, and I was able to land both offers too. This meant that I had to decide which one was right for me instead of the other way around. It was a great feeling!

Do you have any advice for YOakleyPR marketing interns?

My advice is actually my quote too: “Never Stop Learning.” So many times we think that once school is over then we’re good to go. That shouldn’t be the case. I read books and articles daily and listen to podcasts almost weekly so that I’m always learning something new. Learn more about what you love and dive in!

Do you know of an inspirational quote or saying that you would like to share?

“Never Stop Learning.”

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Cristina Happel

Cristina graduated with her B.A. in Health Care Administration from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Human Resource Management at the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) and expects to graduate in May 2016. She currently serves as a Human Resources intern at YOakleyPR.

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