YOakleyPR Intern of the Month for October 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth Newman, our October Intern of the Month!

Elizabeth Newman, Intern of the MonthElizabeth Newman a.k.a. “Lizzie” joined the YOakleyPR Marketing Team in May 2015. During her internship, Lizzie has proven to be a valuable team member. Not only that, she has also used this experience to further develop her skills in the marketing field. Lizzie has shown how much of a team player she is by interacting with all of the interns in a professional manner. Lizzie is an intelligent, friendly and most of all, hard-working young lady who has a lot to offer to a company. She goes the extra mile when working on a project or helping other interns.

In addition to learning about Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and  Google AdWords while interning at YOakleyPR, some of her other accomplishments include:

  • Working on various marketing campaigns like the Shoot for the Stars project which engages Philadelphia boys and girls in summer basket camps.
  • Writing blog articles for The YOakleyPR Blog discussing alternative methods for nonprofits to use common social media channels.
  • Researched and designed weekly email marketing campaigns for deployment via MailChimp.
  • Created Google AdWords campaigns and advertisements for nonprofit organizations enrolled in the Google for Nonprofits – Google Ad Grants program.
  • Researched marketing strategies and proposals for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Congratulations Lizzie! Your efforts have paid off. You will be receiving a $25 visa gift card in the mail, plus a little something extra to put on your resume. Keep up the good work!

Here are some of the wonderful things that her peers mentioned about her:

“She has encouraged others and helped her team mates when needed and without being prompted.”

“Lizzie always completes her tasks in a timely manner and is eager to participate in projects.”

“Lizzie has shown a great deal of improvements, enthusiasm and support of her fellow interns.”

“Lizzie has a self-starter attitude in a very caring way.”

When asked about her internship, here is what Lizzie had to say:

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience at YOakelyPR with the marketing team. Going into this summer I was very excited to grow my skills in marketing. This summer has already been more than I could ask for due to this company’s passion for nonprofits and for building the experience of the interns. I have researched nonprofits and attended networking events where I realized how many driven and amazing people there are out there with similar goals as me! I already find myself using the skills that I have learned in my other professional pursuits.”

Get to Know Elizabeth:

  • From San Francisco, CA
  • Attends school on the East Coast
  • Loves to travel with great friends and her family
  • English major and Communications minor
  • Excited to see what the future holds and to make great connections with great people along the way.

Secret Little Tidbit:

“I love every sad song and sad quote I’ve probably every heard, (which sounds depressing, I know but) therefore I choose not to share them so as not to depress other people. I think this is pretty funny because it is the opposite of my personality. I think I love them because they force me to think beyond my surface level of bubbliness!

When I stumble across something sad on the radio or Pinterest or wherever I may be, I can get stuck for hours trying to understand a stranger’s emotions, which I find fascinating (I guess this may be the English major in me).”

Bucket List Item:

“I know it’s cliché, but I really hope one day I can work up the nerve to go skydiving! ” – Lizzie Newman

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If you would like to learn more about the virtual internship program at YOakleyPR, please visit our “Internships” page for more information.

Haley Wix

Haley is currently a Human Resources intern at YOakleyPR. She hopes to someday be a Human Resources Manager or Director. She is a Communication Studies student at the University of Georgia and expects to graduate in May 2017. Some of Haley’s interests include playing tennis, practicing yoga and learning about human resources.

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