YOakleyPR Intern of the Month for March 2016

J. BrownCongratulations to Jeanetta Brown, our March Intern of the Month!

With the desire to “influence various aspects of an organization by assisting in the development of an organizations employees, and to play a part in influencing strategic business decisions,” Jeanetta Brown joined the YOakelyPR Virtual Internship Program in January 2016 as a Human Resource Project Management Intern.

Jeanetta’s road to YOakleyPR and Intern of the Month has certainly been an interesting one. After working for corporations like Comcast and Bank of America for years, Jeanetta decided to pursue her Bachelor’s in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources in order to take the next step in her career.

“I was tired of being laid off or passed over for an opportunity because I ‘did not have a degree’,” said Brown. “I also wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge about Human Resources…I was very excited when I was offered this internship. I remembering opening up my email and receiving a ‘Congratulations.’ I had a humongous smile on my face. I feel like I was waiting on this opportunity.”

Although she attributes her internship success to thorough training and great leadership, it is no secret to her teammates that Jeanetta’s years of experience with recruiting, employee relations, and customer service are what allowed her to lead the Spring Human Resources team through the planning and development of new recruitment strategies and assist in the development of the Virtual Internship Program in order to better serve other internship participants.

She has consistently displayed commitment to her position and the responsibilities therein, even while balancing a “full plate” with family, school, and work. Even though balancing obligations can sometimes be difficult, Jeanetta believes in giving her all and doing the best job possible.  In addition to doing her best for YOakleyPR, she takes that same effort and gives her best to those in need. With her joy of helping others, Brown has volunteered at various soup kitchens, the Ronald McDonald house, and nursing homes.  She enjoys bringing joy to others.  Whether that joy is playing bingo with the seniors, donating her time to read to school age children and the elderly, cooking for residents of the Ronald McDonald house, or donating gifts to the needy, she always gives her best effort.

Here are some of the wonderful things that her peers mentioned about Jeanetta:

“Jeanetta shows a strong understanding of the human resources position. She constantly keeps up with the internship on the marketing team and beyond.”

“Jeanetta always presents herself as a professional and is self-disciplined. She upholds the company HR standards.”

“Ms. Brown demonstrates teamwork by making sure she includes her-self on all HR project. Since day one, she continues to ask do I need assistance on every tasks just to make sure HR works as a team, deadlines are met, and our best work is presented. “

When asked about her experience at YOakleyPR, Jeanetta had this to say, “If I had a friend or colleague who was considering this internship, I would tell them, ‘You would love it at YOakleyPR!'”

“I was surprised at the training I received. I did not expect such a thorough training process from a virtual internship. I also enjoy my teammates. Everyone loves this opportunity and wants to do more,” said Brown.

Congratulations, Jeanetta! Your efforts have paid off. You will be receiving a $25 visa gift card in the mail, plus a little something extra to put on your resume. Keep up the good work!

Interesting facts about Jeanetta Brown

Enjoys roller skating

Favorite Poem

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

Long – Term Career Objective:

To open my own staffing agency and daycare center.

Short – Term Career Objective

To become an HR Generalist and work my way up the corporate ladder.

Recently Accomplished Goal

Obtained my first internship

Bucket List Item:

To learn Spanish and Italian fluently

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If you would like to learn more about YOakleyPR’s award-winning Virtual Internship Program, please visit our “Internships” page for more information.

Mieka Bourne

Mieka Bourne is a highly motivated human resources professional who has served as a Human Resources Intern at YOakleyPR since December 2015. Bourne holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Georgia.

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