yoakleypr testimonials

“Every once in a while I encounter a young person who is truly outstanding because of their ability to bring about a positive result in an organized and mature manner. Yasheaka is just such a person. She has an engaging personality and a drive to succeed that is remarkable.

Prospective employers need give her serious consideration. I believe she will bring great value to any organization.”

— Lee Gamelin, Strategic Job Search Coach

“Yasheaka is prompt with communication, always on point, and conducts day to day marketing executions with extreme precision. She is adept to finding solutions where “no” just isn’t the answer, and our advertising partners have benefited greatly from her flexibility and solution-oriented leadership. Simply put, Yasheaka is a producer. She is a strategic partner and benefit to Vanity Fair and an invaluable employee at Conde Nast.”

— Derek Hester, Vanity Fair Magazine

“Miss Oakley was reliably punctual, professional, and accurate with every assignment. She demonstrated a natural ability to discover the newsworthy. She required minimal supervision or editing and over time, the office came to rely upon her social networking prowess.”

— Jaqueline Bingham, Public Relations Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Yasheaka on many of Glamour’s promotional email marketing programs. Yasheaka possesses the skills, knowledge, and friendly personality that made working with her on each project a fantastic experience. In addition, she demonstrated an equal amount of dedication to my clients as I do, which is extremely refreshing. I always felt confident that the email marketing campaigns I worked on with Yasheaka would perform extremely well as she constantly worked to ensure our programs were a success. I highly recommend Yasheaka.”

— Elana Delasos, Glamour Magazine

“I met Yasheaka when she asked me to speak to students about “Getting on the Radio.” What an amazing discussion that turned out to be! I must say, I can’t imagine that event without Yasheaka to facilitate it. I certainly recommend Yasheaka Oakley as a burgeoning powerhouse in her field.”

— Envy McKee, Award Winning Media Host

“Yasheaka holds high standards with work ethic, engages professionally with colleges and partners. Yasheaka also has excellent verbal and written skills which enhance her ability to relate and comprehend alternate suggestions when necessary. She is a a pleasure to work with and has an outstanding personality when it comes to sharing ideas and expertise with co-workers.”

— Lila Singleton, County of Chester Dept. of Community Development

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