When You Start a Blog, You Start a Business

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I truly enjoy sharing articles that I find interesting! One of my favorites was a blogging article posted on Business 2 Community. When I started The YOakleyPR Blog, I found this statement to be completely true. Anyone can create a blog, but when you establish a business blog, readers have certain expectations. You better keep the high quality content coming, or your readers are sure to abandon you! I hope you enjoy my favorite picks. Best, YO


When You Start a Blog, You Start a Business

Whether you mean to or not, when you start a blog, you start a business. A good blog runs itself like a business. It puts out quality work to bring in quality readers and quality products.


protection from vice materials

Commercial Speech: Protection from “Vices”

The Supreme Court has been wrestling with the issue of regulating commercial speech for 70 years.

How useful do you think its approach has been?


6 Tips For Designing A Winning Facebook Page

Whether you’re unhappy with your current level of Facebook success or simply have no idea where to begin the process of developing a page, it’s high time that you learned how to reap the benefits of social media.


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