How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business

How can Pinterest benefit your business?

Social media has become a necessary tool for non-profits and businesses across the globe.  The most commonly used by companies to publicize their image are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, with social media growing exponentially over the last few years, the options are endless.  Many companies have no idea where to begin and they have no inkling of what social media sites could prove to be the most beneficial.

As of late, a newer (but by no means new) site, Pinterest, which allows users to pin ideas for things to do, plan, and buy, is taking the social media market by storm.  Pinterest is helping businesses promote their products and target audiences in style, with ease.

By using Pinterest to connect with millions of consumers, sharing related pins that are similar to your company’s interests and brand, advertising through promoted pins, utilizing rich pins, and creating a creative and individualized profile, your organization can see the tremendous amount of growth that will follow by utilizing Pinterest’s features.  Pinterest has more access to many types of consumers and other organizations than most of its social media counterparts.  Therefore, you have nothing to lose and only everything to gain by starting your venture with Pinterest for Business.

Potential for Sales

Pinterest offers a wide variety of tools and new ideas to incorporate into any business, but many organizations were unaware of the potential that this social media site carried in its simple design.  According to a new report from eMarketer, 2015 is the year that Pinterest will explode for businesses, marketers, and consumers.  Pinterest is pursuing an advertising campaign that will give businesses many tools in order to reach out to a large audience in their own individual ways.  In the new report from eMarketer, statistics show that Pinterest will reach a user base this year of 47.1 million, an increase of 11.7% from the year prior.  Combine their growth with their innovative way of incorporating advertisement into the most popular pins by a user and you have a social media site that is projected to be bigger than Facebook.

Debra Aho Williamson, a senior primary analyst at eMarketers and the author of this new report, stated: “Pinterest users are likely to be in a better frame of mind to receive advertising”.  She also went on to remind readers that “at the early stages of advertising on Facebook, users were much less inclined toward ads, and marketers were similarly skeptical” (eMarketers, 1).  In this regard, Pinterest has dominated the social media advertising category and has been called a platform for marketers in many social circles.  When deciding what your next social media/marketing step is going to be, Pinterest should definitely be considered.

Features for Businesses

Many consumers who utilize Pinterest may use it for “pinning” a how-to article, recipes, and ideas for clothes or decor.  However, Pinterest has integrated their “rich pins”, promoted pins, and even product listings throughout each person’s individual feed and across the website as a whole.  No matter where Pinterest may take you, you will come across pins that are sponsored by companies or organizations.  What many businesses don’t know is that Pinterest offers so much more than sponsored pins.  As an effort to reach out to potential business clients looking for exposure, Pinterest has created guides to help businesses maximize their success through their website, added Pinterest Analytics to use both on Pinterest and on your business website, widget builders, promoted and rich pins, and even a weekly newsletter targeted directly towards their business users.

Pinterest is clever in realizing that their product can not only be a fun and engaging tool for everyday consumers, but that Pinterest can be the new go-to marketing tool for many organizations.  By committing an entire section of their site to their business clients and the things that they need, Pinterest will become a household name for both the professional and personal worlds.

How To Get Started

Pinterest for Business can prove to be extremely beneficial for companies and non-profits big and small.  Instead of trying to compete with every company that has chosen to advertise on Facebook or Twitter, many organizations have decided to utilize Pinterest and all of the tools it offers and it is offering a significant return on investment for these companies.  By going to Pinterest for Business and signing up for a business account, any business (or entrepreneur) can have access to the countless guides that assist companies in achieving maximum success with their tools as well as several analytics tools and advertising opportunities, and the support to gain exposure and progress with potential consumers.  If you are having trouble trying to maximize your success, take some time to read this article from Business News Daily that explains everything you would ever need to know in order to establish yourself on Pinterest.

It’s extremely important to find every beneficial resource you can when you are looking for ways to promote your organization.  By 2019, Pinterest will have 30% of US social network users using their site.  By getting ahead of the competition, mastering the art of “pinning”, and making a strong stance for your company’s marketing campaign, you will have a stronger marketing plan established and a heavier known presence among consumers.  Who could want more than that?

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