YOakleyPR Intern of the Month September 2016

Congratulations to Zachary Waldorf, our September Intern of the Month!

Intern of the month

Zachary Waldorf is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Sciences and Psychology at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and expects to graduate in May 2018. Zack joined the YOakleyPR Virtual Internship Program as a Human Resources Intern in May 2016 and later accepted the role of Human Resource Project Management Intern in September 2016.

Zack first became interested in human resources while working as a Brand Ambassador for Handy in 2015. During his time with Handy, Zack trained new brand ambassadors on company information, app information, effective persuasion techniques, and how to deal with difficult customer questions.

That same year, Zack secured a position as a Career Ambassador in The George Washington University’s Center for Career Services. Zack says this position solidified his interest in human resources as a career field.

“I gained experience reviewing resumes and counseling my peers in professional development,” said Zack. “Learning how to alleviate my fellow college students’ stress about jobs and internships bolstered my passion for HR.”

When Zack originally interviewed for the Human Resources Intern position, he expressed an interest in teaching/coaching others, and learning more about recruitment and on-boarding. Throughout his internship, Zack has participated in the applicant review, interview and selection process for the Virtual internship Program. He has also explored many non-HR skills sets and tools by participating in a team project to build a social media plan for a nonprofit in Evanston, IL; leading the Human Resources team in the development of the YOakleyPR Resume Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]; and leading his team through a review of the intern documentation and on-boarding process.

Under Zack’s leadership as Human Resources Project Management Intern, the Human Resources team increased university recruitment by 43 percent using Handshake, Symplicity, and Internships.com; increased monthly application rates by 76 percent; and officially confirmed that the YOakleyPR Virtual Internship Program was an Approved Internship Provider at 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States!

When asked about his experiences at YOakleyPR, Zack said, “What surprised me the most was not feeling like I am ‘just an intern.’ I am able to pursue my own projects, act on my own ideas, and develop my own skills without being restricted.”

“One of my most memorable moments would be the first phone interview I conducted…as a career consultant, I would participate in reviewing resumes for new applicants, but I would never actually be in charge of the interview,” said Zack. “Being in control of a human resource activity as a college student was extremely rewarding and I will never forget the freedom and responsibility I had.”

Here are some of the wonderful things that Zack’s colleagues had to say about him:

Zack is a great communicator, and is very responsive with email and Basecamp messages. He doesn’t hesitate to reach out to others about the status of a project or setting up a meeting. Zack shows up to all his meetings on time, and always comes to every meeting prepared to speak. His oral reports are clear and detailed, and he is attentive when other teammates are speaking.

Zack is a very hard worker. He takes on any project presented to him, and makes sure it gets done to the highest levels possible. Even though I haven’t directly seen Zack recruiting and interviewing new interns for YOakleyPR, I can tell that he has put in a lot of hours in those areas through the oral reports he gives at our weekly meetings. He’s repeatedly mentioned finding quality candidates and having lots of interviews to do, so he clearly is on the right track with adding to our teams. Zack has also done great work in helping with our fall intern recruitment ads, revamping our team’s documents, and putting together our Resume Guide.

Zack is easy to work and get along with. He is open to receiving feedback on his work, is receptive to others’ ideas, and is respectful of others’ opinions. Zack doesn’t mind working with all the other teams at YOakleyPR, not just his own team in HR. He is interested in what everyone else is working on, and is willing to learn new things about his teammates’ respective fields.

Congratulations Zack! Your efforts have paid off as you are now the official Intern of the Month for September 2016! You will be receiving a $25 gift card in the mail, plus a little something extra to put on your resume. Keep up the good work!

Long-Term Career Goals:
I hope to one day be a talent acquisition specialist/human resource director involved with marketing and sales. I also want to dabble in HR technology.

Short-Term Career Goals:
I want to learn a lot about recruiting and on-boarding. Aside from YOakleyPR, I am also working at a consulting firm as a recruiting intern so I’m sure that will couple this HR position perfectly.

Recently Accomplished Goals:
I just finished my sophomore year of college!

Bucket List:
I want to go to Europe!

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Jeanetta Brown

Jeanetta D. Brown is currently a student at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. She is a senior majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Jeanetta has experience in human resources focusing on full cycle recruiting, customer service, accounts payable, and collections. She currently serves as a Human Resources Intern at YOakleyPR.

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