YOakleyPR Intern of the Month April 2017

Congratulations to Jesscia Romero, our April Intern of the Month!

Jesscia Romero is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Relations with an emphasis in Human Resources Diversity and Development at University of Oklahoma.  She expects to graduate in May 2017 and plans to pursue her Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certification in the near future.

In undergraduate school, Jesscia explored industrial organizational psychology with the belief that it can help employees increase an organization’s productivity and help organizations solve employees’ physical and mental issues. It was this belief that led her to Human Resources.

“I was drawn to HR because I find great interest in being able to recruit for the right fit in an organization. The hiring, administration, and training of personnel in HR is a significant step in the onboarding process and I would like to assist all coming into the workforce to feel welcome and be provided the necessary tools to succeed,” said Romero.

Driven by this motivation, she decided to pursue Human Resources as her first step of her career path to becoming an Industrial Organizational Psychologist. In her experiences working in Human Resources field, she enjoys the idea behind, which allows her to help others to better understand what an organization can do for them and what they can do for the organization.

Jesscia first joined YOakleyPR as a Human Resources Intern in December 2016. Soon afterward, she took on the position as Human Resources Project Manager in January 2017. During her internship with YOakleyPR, Jesscia engaged in the full-cycle recruitment and has gained a great sense of recruitment through posting positions using various platforms. One of the most important projects Jesscia has experienced is the Cover Letter Guide. She thinks it is an awesome idea to provide current and future interns with writing samples to equip them with the skills needed in their future professional career.

When asked about her experience with YOakleyPR, Jesscia mentioned all the responsibilities she had during her internship, which involved making independent hiring decisions and developing Intern Professional Development Plans. She is happy to experience all different HR tasks to assist her personal professional development.

“When I first had a conference call with two other Human Resources interns and I instantly clicked with the two, I was confident I was with like-minded individuals who also had a passion for HR and could teach me more about HR”, said Jesscia.

When talking about her internship, Jesscia said, “Honestly, I was surprised by all of the responsibility—which is by no means a complaint. I am happy that I was able to experience these type of HR tasks to assist my personal professional development.”

“If someone asked me about the YOakleyPR Virtual Internship Program, I would highly advise that they go for it,” Jesscia said. “I have learned so much as a General and Project Management Intern at YOakleyPR. The amount of experience is phenomenal and I am so happy I found the HR Intern listing on Handshake and decided to apply.”

Here are some of the wonderful things that Jesscia’s colleagues had to say about her:

“Jesscia is the obvious choice for intern of the month because she helped all of us spring interns onboard and get started with YOakley. As far as professionalism, she has been very kind and helpful when I’ve talked with her. She’s also connected with me on LinkedIn and it seems that she puts displays a very professional manner wherever she goes.”

“Jesscia seems reasonably productive, too. She has responded quickly to e-mails when I have reached out and she was very persistent in getting my onboarded back in January. Additionally, she helped me through the handbook in a knowledgeable and comprehensive way.”

“Jesscia has been working on various projects in a short period of time. She finalized the Professional Development Plan and started to working on the Cover Letter Guide. In addition, she always takes initiatives on different projects. For example, she listed the all the universities for University Shoutouts and researched universities to improve the recruiting effort.”

Congratulations Jesscia! Your efforts have paid off as you are now the official Intern of the Month for April 2017! You will be receiving a $25 gift card in the mail, plus a little something extra to put on your resume. Keep up the good work!

Long-Term Career Objectives:

I do want to get my Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology and potentially work in Corporate America. However, I do plan to start working in a Human Resources Department in Oil/Gas/Electric in Oklahoma once I graduate.

Short-Term Career Goal:

My thoughts in what I hope to gain from YOakleyPR’s HR Internship is to gain more credibility in my HR skill set. HR is not at all new to me, although, the more experience in the field I would like to have a career in most definitely cannot hurt. I mainly want to focus on my ability to identify/accept quality applicants through interviewing.

Recently Accomplished Goal:

I have started teaching dance classes and performing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Bucket List:

Go on a safari!

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Qi Sun

Qi Sun, Human Resources Intern at YOakleyPR. She is pursuing her Master Degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University and working as a research assistant, aiming to support the leadership by analyzing and interpreting statistics. Worked as Human Resources Manager at a start-up in California, she interfaced with diverse, cross-functional teams and advised CEO on recruitment and selection strategies.

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