YOakleyPR Intern Spotlight: Dane Seltenreich

Welcome to the YOakleyPR Intern Spotlight Series!

In this intern update, we introduce you to Dane Seltenreich who previously interned at YOakleyPR as a Marketing Intern from February until July 2016. Since his virtual internship ended, Dane has started to make his mark in the world of marketing.

What is your educational background?

I have a history degree and I minored in economics. However, I knew I wanted to enter the field of marketing after spending time in marketing classes.

Could you tell us more about your current position and what is your job title?

I am currently the Digital Advertising Czar for Morey Publishing, a digital marketing firm located in Long Island, New York. I specialize in all aspects of paid-advertising beyond Google AdWords, including, ShareASale, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter, Bing and even retargeting ads through services like AdRoll.

How did YOakleyPR help navigate your career path to where you are today?

At the start of my internship at YOakleyPR, I had no experience with Google AdWords. I did not know I was going to be so incredibly fascinated with the scope of marketing through Google AdWords and Analytics, until I spent time working as a marketing intern. Today, I have certifications in Mobile, display, shopping, fundamentals, search advertising, and video advertising. This internship changed my perspective on how I would want to enjoy the work that I do.

What do you enjoy the most about your current role and what do you think is the most challenging tasks/projects you have ever done?

I love the thrill of my job, getting people to sign-up, register, or even buy services from my clients. However, that does come with the challenge of making sure I am targeting my clients’ customers correctly and making adjustments when needed. My projects are often time-consuming, but it brings me great pleasure to see the results improve over time.

How do you see this field changing in the future?

I see the Marketing field becoming more personalized, as well as, optimized by computers and technology. I anticipate that we may still need user-review and changes to the services. I also see the target market eventually shifting to over 75% mobile, as opposed to individuals converting from their computers.

Is there something you wish you had done differently starting out?

Networking. Networking. Networking. While, I spent all my time learning the skill of AdWords, etc., I did not spend enough time on developing the skill of talking to different individuals or companies. It would have made my job hunt process have more impact.

Do you have any advice for YOakleyPR Marketing interns? How would you advise our Marketing interns to plan their future?

This is the time to learn. Do as much research as you can to gain a world of knowledge. Take risks and learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes is normal. It is about being able to get in front of them and ensuring that you meet your clients’ needs. As you advance through your career, the companies you will work for will expect more from you and the more desirable you will be for them if you keep abreast of industry trends.

Would you like to share an inspirational quote?

“Never stop trying new things”. The more learning opportunities you deal with and the more outside of your comfortable zone you go, the more successful you will be.

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Kalindi Mangeshikar-Vega

Kalindi M Vega | Human Resources Intern | YOakleyPR Kalindi is currently pursuing her M.S. degree in Human Resource Management and Development from New York University. Current in all emerging and best HR practices and business needs. Additional expertise in employee engagement practices, event planning, team collaboration and conflict resolution. Prior to this, she has 8 years of experience of working in the hospitality industry as a Pastry Cook.

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