YOakleyPR Intern of the Month December 2016

Congratulations to Allison Whittington, our December Intern of the Month!

Intern of the Month Allison WhittingtonAllison Whittington is an alumna of Marymount California University in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. Since graduating from Marymount, Allison has pursued certificate programs in Web Design and Development at University of California and in Digital Media and Design at University of Connecticut in order to round out her graphic design portfolio.

Allison first became interested in graphic design through fine art lessons as a child. In high school, she took a digital graphic design class and knew this was the field for her. In college, she was given the opportunity to complete a couple of graphic design internships near the campus, which allowed her to learn many new skills and reaffirmed her interest in graphic design as a professional career.

Allison joined the YOakleyPR Virtual Internship Program as a Graphic Design Intern in July 2016. When Allison joined the team, she expressed an interest in exploring new areas of graphic design and contributing to projects that would help her diversify and strengthen her graphic design portfolio.

During her virtual internship, Allison had the opportunity to work with both the marketing/public relations and the human resources departments. Some of Allison’s favorite projects include creating donations graphics for Shoot for the Stars, a non-profit organization that provides Philadelphia youth with summer basketball camps; and creating a branding guide and online marketing assets for Curt’s Cafe, a non-profit that helps at-risk youth in Evanston, IL develop life skills.

One of Allison’s most noteworthy undertakings was the YOakleyPR Resume Guide, which was developed in conjunction with the YOakleyPR Human Resources team to serve as a free resource for undergraduate job seekers. She worked within a team of 2-3 people to determine the aesthetics, layout the copy, and design all of the assets for the Resume Guide release for Cyber Monday 2016.

Allison says that all of these projects were a success because she and her teammates “came together and combined our skills to produce some amazing work.”

When asked about her experience at YOakleyPR, Allison noted that this internship has allowed to understand the importance of graphic design in different business sectors, namely, marketing and human resources. She also learned a lot about public relations, marketing and human resources along the way.

“My experience at YOakleyPR has been great! I’ve been able to gain more professional graphic design experience and work with many amazing, talented people from all over the country, people that I never would have met if not for working virtually,” said Allison.

Allison says that she found the YOakleyPR Virtual Internship Program to be both surprising and fulfilling. “I was surprised at the wide range of programs I was able to use during my internship. In addition to my graphic design work, I was able to write a blog using WordPress and its resources from the Devio.digital website, and create an email newsletter using MailChimp, two programs I had never used before starting this internship.”

“During my time at YOakleyPR, I was able to secure a part-time design position at a sporting goods company, and I think this internship helped get me there!” said Allison. “I would definitely recommend this internship to a friend or colleague. I would tell them about how they can get experience in their field and complete relevant projects to build up their skills.”

Here are some of the wonderful things that Allison’s colleagues had to say about her:

Allison is a great team member. She is always there to help and give suggestions to other members of her team. She is always willing to participate in group member conferences. She is also willing to help you when it is not related to a project. If you have a question about graphic deign in general she is always willing to help you.

She always has something good to report on and is energetic and always on top of everything. She’s super inviting and friendly when she speaks, but also professional and engaging to listen to.

Allison is a very hard worker. No matter how much she has on her plate, she is willing to get it accomplished to the best of her ability.

Congratulations Allison! Your efforts have paid off as you are now the official Intern of the Month for December 2016! You will be receiving a $25 gift card in the mail, plus a little something extra to put on your resume. Keep up the good work!

Long-Term Career Goals:
Work in an artistic position for a large design firm or a film studio. I’ve always loved animation, so working for Disney or Pixar would be a dream come true!

Short-Term Career Goals:
Secure a design-related position in the Los Angeles area, either as a graphic designer or a motion graphic artist. I also have only 1 class left to complete in my web design certificate program.

Recently Accomplished Goals:
I just completed my online Graduate Certificate program in Digital Media and Design from the University of Connecticut.

Bucket List:
Travel the world. The places I would most like to visit are Australia and Italy.

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Zachary Waldorf

Zachary Waldorf is a student at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, where he is studying Organizational Sciences and Psychology. He currently serves as Human Resources Project Management Intern at YOakleyPR. Areas of Interest: recruiting, talent acquisition, and human resource management.

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